Volume 3 Issue 4

  1. Aditi Sahay– Exploring Rape and its Wreckage – Download
  2. Shambhavi Sharma and Akshay Krishna Prassan– Marital Rape: The Un-Criminalized Crime – Download
  3. Divyanshi Saxena and Gurusha Muniyal– Mutilation of Female Genital violate Human Rights – Download
  4. Himakshi Mishra– An Analytical Study on Women in the Present Criminal Justice System – Download
  5. Vedang Deshpande and Shambhavi Malviya– Sexual Harassment: An Alternate Perspective – Download
  6. Jayraj Deshpande– Constitutional and Other Rights of Vulnerable Groups vis-a-vis Intersectionality – Download
  7. Pragya Srivastava and Aditi Srivastava– Role of Society in curbing Gender Injustice – Download
  8. Nandini Mathur– Cybercrimes and Laws in India – Download
  9. Neha Navneet Patil – Challenges of Enforcement of Protection of Copyright Laws in the Digital Era – Download
  10. Pallabi Paul –  Organised Crimes: Italian Organised Mafias, its threats to the European Union (EU) and a study of Naxalite Movement in India – Download

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